Adiphene Reviews @ Only $49.50 Per Bottle 2014

Adiphene can help you to lose weight without you having to diet or exercise, this is the most easiest way to lose weight this year!!

Adiphene Reviews - The 5 Benefits Exposed



Adiphene is diet supplement that combines 12 powerful ingredients to make up the latest diet pill, targeting fat from 5 angles: 1) It reduces fat, 2) it reduces carb absorption; 3) it reduces appetite; 4) it stimulates the metabolism promoting fat burning and, 5) it gives you more energy.

The 12 powerful ingredients are:


Speeding up the rate at which you burn away those excess pounds.

  1. Vitamin B6 is a powerful metabolism booster which also helps the body to metabolize food into energy and burn excess fat.
  2. L-carnitine HCL helps to mobilize fat stored in the tissues, helps long-chained fatty acids to be burned for energy and increases the amount of fat burnt during strength or aerobic workouts.
  3. Ginger root speeds up your metabolism to allow you to burn fat away more quickly. It also helps to reduce muscle pain caused by exercise.




Helping fats pass through your body without being absorbed and turned in to excess weight and cellulite.

  1. Chitosan extract binds to fats in the stomach and shuttles them straight through the digestive system, so they can’t be absorbed. Less fat absorbed, means less fat stored where you don’t want it!



Tricks your brain in to thinking it’s full so you can cut out snacking and control your portion sizes.

  1. Glucomannan (kanjac root) is a very effective appetite suppressor. A study of twenty overweight people who took a set dose of glucomannan for just eight weeks, lost an average of five and a half pounds without a special diet plan.


Raising your core body temperature to accelerate the fat burning process for faster weight loss results.

  1. Research has shown that Cinnamon extract 4 %, may help reduce abdominal fat. Several studies have shown cinnamon reduces insulin resistance and fasting blood glucose levels, both of which are associated with unwanted abdominal fat.
  2. Cayenne capsicum 40M HU/G, is the purest pharmaceutically refined currently available. By increasing blood flow in the smaller or restricted flow blood vessels found in fatty tissue, it can carry the other active ingredients in Adiphene straight to where they’re needed and help them be absorbed. Another exciting finding of Cayenne, is that it also allows you to burn up to 270 extra calories a day by increasing your core temperature. Called ‘thermogenic burn’, this temperature increase requires more energy, which helps to effortlessly burn extra fat.



Giving you the fuel to lose weight quickly without the energy slumps often connected with dieting.

  1. Bitter Orange, which many dieters turned to as a powerful alternative, when the Food and Drug Administration banned the herbal supplement ephedra.
  2. Chromium picolinate works to increase the efficiency of insulin, which is incredibly important, as insulin controls how much fat your body stores.
  3. Then we have Guarana extract which helps to efficiently metabolize food into energy, burn excess stored fat and speed up metabolism to burn even more fat. 


  4. Ginseng panax root extract 10% is thought to help modulate carbohydrate metabolism, which means it’s potentially useful for managing blood sugar.
  5. And the theobromine in Cacao extract inhibits fat storage and the cocoa polyphenols increase fat metabolism.


Many weight losing formula’s only have 1 or 2 of the above, but Adiphene has gone much further to create what they believe to be “The Most Powerful Weight Loss Formula” available.



The company have done all the up to date research to determine which nutrients work best together, to create the most powerful fat burner and weight loss supplement available today.

Adiphene will turn your body into a fat burning machine. And as the formula includes ingredients from ALL the categories, your results will be boosted by each of them. In fact it includes 3 SEPARATE fat metabolizers, 2 SEPARATE metabolism boosters and 5 SEPARATE stimulants. But here’s the burning question…

Will Adiphene work to burn your fat WITHOUT diet or exercise? Yes it will.

That’s because it works inside your body, in multiple ways to reduce your levels of stored fat, block some of the fat you eat so it can’t be digested and also keeps your appetite in check, so you don’t feel hungry all the time and raid the cookie jar.


Think about it logically… How can you not lose weight when all these nutrients are working away like a little fat destroying army inside your body? And because most of them work by turning up your metabolism, they are working around the clock, whether you are sat at your desk, watching TV, or sleeping, their powerful effects are still there.

Diet and exercise alone can cause problems if your metabolism is sluggish. But Adiphene turns up your metabolic dial, so when you take it WHILE dieting and exercising, you won’t be wasting your efforts. In other words, the problems we mentioned before won’t apply to you.

Take Adiphene alone and you’ll be forcing your body to burn fat, blocking some fat from the meals you eat and keeping your appetite under control.


So if you are looking for the ‘easy way’ to weight loss, Adiphene can help you to lose weight, without you having to diet or exercise.



I’m a big fan of this company since Phen375, but I wanted to try something stronger and knew I could trust Adiphene compared to other natural diet pills. I have tried a lot and got too many side effects or nothing worked.

I only wanted to lose body fat not so much the weight and after a month I was shocked my stomach went down. Body fat did come off even though my weight dropped a little but as long as I lost the fat that’s what I wanted, I didn’t have too much to lose.

I also felt full and had less cravings through the day. After breaking my foot I really couldn’t exercise so this pill helped a lot. On this pill I didn’t do any diet or exercise while on it for a month or have side effects. Thanks guys!

Lauren C.

Adiphene Reviews: 10 Facts About Adiphene

1)     Adiphene consists of the most potent natural fat combatants known to science, which are specially chosen to help people deal with fat in a variety of ways since a dosage of this diet pill provides you 5 stimulants, 2 thermogenic boosters, 1 appetite reducer, 1 fat binder, and 3 fat metabolizers.

2)     This weight loss pill provides you more fat-busting power than other weight loss products. The clinically-proven and finest ingredients make Adiphene an appetite suppressant corresponding its only prescription. Due to the variety of target approach of this diet pill, the outcome from the dosage will add up soon, which leads to more fat and weight loss.

3)    It provides you the means to stave off your hunger and eliminate your consumed fat. In addition, it works in order to help you provide more energy you need in partaking in exercises, as well as making sure that you see faster, positive results to keep you motivated at all times.

4)    This weight loss pill comprises of 5 natural stimulants, together with 2 extremely potent thermogenic boosters, in order to incite your metabolism and allow your body to burn fat. This is one of the many reasons why it is the most potent fat burner available in the market these days.

5)    It helps you deal with your unwanted fat. As a matter of fact, the very powerful, effective and completely research ingredients of this weight loss pill help reduce the quantity of amount of fat stored in your body and increase the quantity of burned unwanted fat stored within your body.

6)    This product allows you to burn so much weight, even with the need to exercise or diet. The proven and powerful ingredients of Adiphene work together in harmony, which ensures you to absorb less fat, stave your hunger off, and makes your body a fat-melting surface – even without the help of dieting or exercise.

7)    It is different from other weight loss products and supplements as it has 12 various fat loss ingredients in just one pill. All you need to do is just take 2 capsules everyday and allow the power of the well-researched and proven effective ingredients reduce and remove your unwanted fat.

8)    The primary benefit of taking Adiphene is turbo-charging the metabolism. A lot of people are not aware that metabolism is one of the missing secrets to painless, fast fat loss – the other two are exercise more and eat less. Taking it is the less stressful and easier way to lose unwanted fat.

9)    Adiphene lengthens your metabolic dial. This weight loss pill not just makes your body a fat-eating mechanism, but it has nutrients which allow your body to resist some of your consumed fat during meal time, prior to it being digested and keep your hunger in check at all times.

10)    A lot of people are now taking Adiphene since this weight loss pill/supplement is considered as one of the easier and less stressful way of reducing and eliminating unwanted fat. With its powerful and effective ingredients, you will surely see positive results in just a matter of time!